Last night was the annual gathering between The Hruska Clinic, Dr. Paul Coffin andThe Lincoln Running Company to discuss what’s new in shoes! The Lincoln Running Company is a local shoe store in Lincoln, Nebraska who works closely with the staff at The Hruska Clinic assisting patients in finding appropriate footwear that compliments PRI concepts and PRI orthotics. Dr. Paul Coffin is a podiatrist from Sioux City, Iowa, who evaluates patients of The Hruska Clinic twice a month and assesses their need for customized PRI orthotics. To see the new 2008 shoe grid, provided by the Lincoln Running Company, please click here!

Posted July 1, 2008 at 5:09PM
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If we could hand pick a piece of equipment that best reflects PRI concepts the Skier’s Edge would be top on our list. This non-impact lateral conditioning machine was 1st designed for the U.S. ski team but has expanded their market into training facilities and rehab centers around the world. This is the only machine we have found that focuses on frontal plane movement, the plane PRI often uses to restore the Left AIC chain. If you have access to a Skier’s Edge, we encourage you to check it out!

Posted June 16, 2008 at 11:00PM
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In 2005, PRI was fortunate to cross paths with Kelly Hutson, inventor of the Day 6 Bicycles. This bike’s revolutionary design offers a number of listed benefits, number one being comfort. We have had the opportunity to ride this bike and were very impressed with its unique features. Here is whatRon Hruska had to say about it.

“I recommend the Day 6 bike to my patients and to physical therapists attending my courses. The support system, adjustability feature and the mechanical engineering allows those patients with neck, shoulder, and back strain to work out”.

At this time Day 6 Bicycles is offering an awesome incentive for healthcare professionals. If you purchase a Day 6 Bicycles you will receive $250 off the listed price and $100 off any referrals you make. To learn more about Day 6 bicycles click here!

Posted June 8, 2008 at 11:08PM
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The 3rd edition of PRI Non-Manual Techniques is now available on CD-ROM! This new CD includes the following PRI programs:

  • Right Low Trap & Right Tricep
  • Left Low Trap & Left Serratus Anterior
  • Right Serratus Anterior
  • Right Subscapularis
  • Inhibition & Stretching
  • Left Squat
  • Right Squat

Each program is organized by position, specific muscle, and specific sequence of possible progressive application. This information compliments PRI course instruction, desired PRI clinical application and progression, and desired PRI patient education and instruction. A master index of each program illustrates this progression through a numbering system. It is our intention to provide the clinician with an effective and efficient tool for specific patient clinical and home PRI programs. Each technique is patient-ready with detailed written instruction and digital photos. CD’s are Windows compatible.

Posted June 21, 2007 at 9:28PM
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