A recent topic of discussion has centered around which shoes are best suited for PRI orthotics. These four top our list:

  • Saucony Guide
  • Asics Evolution
  • Brooks Infinity
  • Brooks Dyad
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Hi Bobbie/Ron,
I would like to thank you both for the opportunity to see Ron treat my patient in Lincoln yesterday via Skype. Here I was in NC, and it was almost as good as being there ! I learned a lot and think this is an excellent tool for any clinician who wants to consult from wherever they are. The patient could also be in your clinic anywhere on this planet and Ron in Lincoln can see the patient from there. I hope everyone takes advantage of this great learning opportunity, I certainly plan to continue to do so.  - Sangini

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Protonics Neuromuscular Systems are now available for direct purchase by physical therapy clinics for use within their clinic as part of their in-clinic treatment programs.  In addition, since the Systems are now owned by the clinic, the clinic can, if they so desire, send the Systems home with their patients as part of a home-use program.  To read more about this, click here!

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Kyndy Boyle is the author of this 223 page dissertation which includes five chapters, appendices, tables and figures as a result of a qualitative study to identify and describe in detail the findings, beliefs, clinical reasoning and concepts of Postural Restoration (PR).  A history of the Postural Restoration Institute™, the Protonics Neuromuscular System® and the PRISM pool is given as well as a definition of PR.  Several direct quotes from interviews with Ron Hruska and the first five physical therapists certified in PR are presented. Unsolicited direct quotes from patients describing their experiences of having physical therapy management from PT’s trained in PR are also presented.  Three color figures are included depicting the associated soft tissue and bony relationships to the Left Anterior Interior Chain (L AIC) pattern as well as the Brachial Chain (BC), and Temporal Mandibular Cervical Chain (TMCC) patterns.  A comparison of Postural Restoration and Florence Kendall is also described in detail.  Implications of Postural Restoration on the health professions are also given.

The cost is $28. To order, please contact us.

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The 2009 shoe guide that is!  Before the Interdisciplinary Integration course we met with The Lincoln Running Company to hear all about the newest shoes on the market.  After much conversation and a little debating, PRI and Dr. Paul Coffin came up with recommendations for the best shoes out there. Guess what shoe still tops the list…Asics Foundation!  To see the entire list, click here!

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We have had many inquiries regarding PRI orthotics.  When asked the difference between other orthotics and PRI orthotics, Dr. Paul Coffin had this to say…

“Other inserts rely on sensory response or stimulation to create a motor response to make the feet work in a fashion that the orthotist feels most appropriate.  My favorite way of explaining this approach is to suggest that a sharp tack placed under the big toe joint would at first cause a reflex reaction to the painful stimulus then a learned motor response to change the pattern of muscular recruitment to prevent the foot from coming down on the tack again.  I suspect that if the tack were left in place it would change the entire body position as we walk or stand as well as change the central nervous system’s learned pattern of muscular recruitment for the entire body. This doesn’t mean that the new body position or the new motor recruitment response is appropriate, just different.  But if a patient were having pain, this change in body position and motor recruitment pattern would most likely change or eliminate the pain the patient was having. The disadvantage is that if the patient continued in this abnormal gait pattern created by the tack under the big toe joint there would eventually be a whole host of other problems that would be created.” 

To continue reading…click here!

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At our weekly Wednesday morning meeting the “topic of conversation” on Lori Thomsen’s agenda was footwear!  Since our gathering with The Lincoln Running Company and Dr. Paul Coffin, DPM, Lori and her fellow colleagues have been testing patient’s objectively while wearing different shoewear.  The results…Asics Foundations are the best!!  This shoe is a great shoe to use with patients that don’t require an orthotic.  The calcaneal stability and medial arch support in the shoe provide enough stability for a patient to maintain neutrality while performing a PRI program!

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It has been over a week since we mailed out the first copies of the Manual Techniques DVD. We’ve sent several copies to clinicians all around the United States but have not heard any feedback (positive or negative) on what you think. We are very anxious to hear from you to provide us with your initial thoughts on how it turned out. Please email us at with any comments you may have on your newly purchased DVD. Any comments provided will help us answer questions from other clinicians interested in using this DVD!

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They’re here! The Manual Techniques on DVD arrived at our office today. Nearly 2 hours of video including demonstration, instruction and explanation of each manual technique provided by Ron Hruska make up this DVD. For those of you that have placed your pre-order, your DVD will be shipped out to you today! If you have not already placed an order and would like to, please contact us!

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Last week we brought you the shoe list provided by The Lincoln Running Company. This week we are providing you with the favorites chosen by Dr. Coffin and PRI! With so many choices in footwear it’s hard to decide which is best. The shoes listed are not only the most appropriate footwear biomechanically they are also the best suited to compliment PRI orthotics.

1. Asics Evolutin
2. Asics Foundation
3. Brooks Beast / Ariel
4. Brooks Addiction
5. New Balance 817
6. New Balance 859
7. Saucony Stabil 6

Posted July 10, 2008 at 5:02PM
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