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I had a wonderful weekend on the beautiful campus of Stanford University discussing all things PRI. Thank you Steven DiLustro for you persistence in working to put this course together. Thank you Brandon Marcello for your willingness to have us train the fantastic folks on your staff and for giving us all such a great experience. And thank you to my new friends from The Golden State Warriors and Cal State Northridge, who I look forward to working more with in the future. You guys were fantastic!

It was a pleasure to have both a PRC and a PRT as my clinical support and lab assistants. Thank you Julie Blandin, PRC and Caleb Chiu, PRT for your professionalism and willingness to help others learn concepts and answer questions. You two teamed up to help give all attendees a great learning experience.

And lastly, I need to thank the one and only Juan Pablo from the Stanford Men's Basketball Strength staff. I so appreciate all the extra time you took to be a personal tour guide for us while we toured all parts of the beautiful Stanford campus. You went above and beyond my expectations as a host and really made me feel like a welcome addition to your campus and facilities. Thanks again for all the time and attention you gave to help make our experience at Stanford the best!

James Anderson, MPT, PRC

Posted July 8, 2014 at 4:42PM

I had a fantastic time at Northeastern University in Boston with a super group of 50 people who were very hungry for Postural Respiration, Neurology and Biomechanics! Thank you Art for hosting what turned out to be a great PRI Collaborative weekend! And thank you to Chris Poulin, Donna Behr and Michael Niedzielski for teaming up with me to support the effort as capable lab assistants and resident experts of PRI. 

We outlined the three dimensional nature of diaphragm dysfunction and the three planes of restorative diaphragm motion needed to fully realize left Zone of Apposition with the analogy of a right dominant Manta Ray. When teaching complex topics, I've found that analogies either really help or tend to really confuse. In this case, the group really latched on to the  three dimensional aspects of diaphragm function to help both the left hemi-diaphragm function more as a respiratory muscle and to help the right hemi-diaphragm function more as a postural stabilizer of the asymmetrical human thorax. #moveyourmantaray. We also described the diaphragm's role as the premier tri-planer performance muscle in the human body, with the capacity to unlock available movement in all three planes. #boom! #unleashthebeast!

Thank you to everyone in attendance for coming together to make this weekend great, but a special thank you to Jaakko who traveled all the way from Finland and to Jack who traveled all the way from Australia! Thanks for your passion and your support!

Posted June 25, 2014 at 5:00PM
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Impingement & Instability (Woodbury, MN) - "Karen and Carrie and the staff at Kinetic Physical Therapy Institute were fantastic hosts for a wonderful weekend of Impingement and Instability. It was great to spend the weekend with 2 clinicians I have always respected and appreciated dating back to before we went through the PRC process together back in 2004. It was great to reflect back on the development of PRI’s courses, including the new updates and developments to this Impingement and Instability course. We had a dynamic group of PTs, PTAs, Fitness and Strength professionals, 5 PRI Credentialed Professionals, a dynamic Sports Medicine minded Family Practice Physician and my favorite, an Engineer who is pursuing fitness and performance as a second career. It was clear that being an Engineer was a definite asset that helped Jacob understand the three dimensional integration of movement that is such an important part of understanding PRI. And Dr. Dave, you are easily one of the most open-minded and interested physicians that I have ever met out on the PRI circuit. A physician that regularly assesses his patients for body asymmetry and an imbalance of movement in spite of their symptoms is very uncommon. Your insights as a physician with experience training the US Ski Team was really an asset to our discussion on ischial tendonitis. A couple other take home messages from this weekend were to always ask if your patient’s ribs move the way they should to allow for tri-planar body performance and to remember the value of training right trunk rotation when you are standing on your right leg. The group did a fantastic job incorporating advanced concepts in a way that will allow them to balance neurology and performance on a wide variety of patients and athletes."

Posted March 20, 2014 at 9:18PM
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Myokinematic Restoration - Las Vegas, NV

Returning to Las Vegas for Myokinematic Restoration was great for me because this is where my PT journey began over 20 years ago. Some of the more experienced attendees (yes Bob, I said experienced) knew people and places that were a big part of my life way back then. It was great to think through the history of my work experience, my education at UNLV and that this is where my young family started out. 

The nature and diversity of this group was fantastic. I loved that there were so many dynamic and sharp PTAs in attendance. I love the work PTAs are able to do in the world of PRI and have been blessed by their professionalism and support throughout my career. I also appreciated the opportunity to discuss how PRI addresses pathologically over-lengthened ligaments with the rehab professionals in attendance from the Cirque Du Soleil. Acrobats, gymnasts, contortionists, dancers, and other circus professionals can pose a unique challenge with the hyper-flexibility and instability elements required for their craft. 

And the weekend was special because it was a work trip that doubled as a daddy-daughter weekend. Meghan and I visited my Alma Mater UNLV, went to see David Copperfield at the MGM and got to enjoy the world class acrobatics and dance of the Cirque Du Soleil athletes in the production Michael Jackson One at the Mandalay Bay.  What a great time.

All the way from Singapore! Thanks Riesal Idries for coming to America to spend more time with us!

Posted February 20, 2014 at 6:00PM
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Phoenix, AZ (Postural Respiration) - "What a memorable weekend in Chandler, Arizona with a super group of professionals and a lot of respiration and neurology. MLB trainers and strength staff from the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals organizations complimented an outstanding group of physical therapists and rehab professionals for a super weekend of learning. Of particular interest were three student physical therapists in attendance who are way ahead of their time, in terms of progressive thinking on advanced topics. Thank you Joe, Pete and Matt for your passion and drive to understand performance of the human body. You guys inspire me and give me hope for the leadership that will be required for the next generation of physical therapists. And a big thank you to Riesal Mikael, for traveling to America all the way from Singapore to study PRI!  We are grateful you would seek out the science of Postural Restoration and felt a connection with you in terms of the way you think about human movement and performance.  Can't wait to see you again in Vegas next month!  And lastly, thank you to my new friend Orlando Crance, from Puerto Rico, I mean the Dominican Republic (inside joke) for joining me for such a neat evening out to dinner and to tour the Gilbert, Arizona temple open house on Saturday evening. Professional connections like that make all the craziness of a busy travel schedule more than worth it. I look forward to staying in touch and learning more from you. This weekend was so much fun it didn't even seem like work! - James Anderson


Posted January 30, 2014 at 6:26PM
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I spent the weekend in Phoenix, Arizona for Impingement and Instability, and as expected, the room was full of expert clinicians and expert performance professionals who also turned out to be a lot of fun. Nate from the Arizona Diamondbacks had my number before I even got off the plane because he had seen my home study Myokinematic Restoration course and had some feelings about the “Going Gainesville” story I used in the video. Turns out, he attended the University of Florida and is a first class Gator-lover.  After taking a jab at my alma mater, UNLV, and then realizing that I was just as fun as he is, he gave me a wink and asked if I would join him for a picture with his 7½ foot Alligator he just happened to have in his truck.  We all decided to give a nod to the U of F and abduct our right hips with our right ab wall and right vastus lateralis for the picture, (even Allen Gruver’s sons can Go Gainesville!).

Our discussion of Reference Center Integration for this course started in the posterior mediastinum with a picture of the thoracic sympathetic ganglia and a demonstration to help us appreciate the problem with the flat thoracic spine and hyperextension postures.  It became clear that neurology starts and stops in the posterior mediastinum with thoracic flexion and symmetrical patterns of breathing.  I even taught Lance, a student physical therapist a new pick up line for all of his potential girlfriends with a flat thoracic spine/superior T4 syndrome.  If the autonomics are overactive toward the sympathetic side of performance, you’ve gotta tell her, “baby, your ganglia are hot!”  Someone’s gotta tell her why she’s so extended.

Posted November 22, 2013 at 7:43PM
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Tucson, Arizona in November is just about as good as it gets for comfortable weather and I enjoyed every minute. I had a great weekend seeing some old friends and discussing hot topics like breathing, the posterior mediastinum and human performance while teaching the Postural Respiration course. I saw this awesome license plate cover in the parking lot on the way into the course and knew it was going to be a great weekend.  Anyone who asks if you can ”inhale in a state of exhalation” is definitely into muscle inhibition, autonomic control via the diaphragm and tri-planar performance.

A big thank you to Brett Johnson and Maximum Impact Physical Therapy for hosting and to a very enthusiastic group of therapy, training, performance, and strength professionals. Five major league baseball organizations were represented and I got to see my old friend, Jimmy “The Pioneer” Southard of the Seattle Mariners. Thanks for fanning the flame Jimmy. You’re awesome. 

Thoracic flexion was the heart and soul of our 2 day discussion.  A greater appreciation for the location of the sympathetic trunk/ganglion in the posterior mediastinum and the neurologic impact on all body systems when this ganglion gets compressed helped us understand the far reaching negative impact of promoting extension.  And how else are you going to unlock the transverse plane performance that we all need for doing things like pitch a baseball?

Posted November 6, 2013 at 9:41PM
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The new PRI Integration for the Home Health Clinician affiliate course has been a wonderful resource for many populations, beyond just the geriatric patient in the home setting, including:  

  • geriatric patients in the hospital setting
  • geriatric patients in the outpatient setting
  • geriatric and other patients in a SNF setting
  • chronic and excessively painful patients with poor tolerance to traditional or other exercises

This last group has really benefited from the simplicity and integrated nature of these new exercises, allowing them successful and tolerable options to help them meet PRI treatment objectives. 

Loving the universal application to so many different patient groups. I look forward to teaching this class again in Minneapolis next weekend! There is still space available, so if you are interested in attending, you can call or register online!

Posted October 9, 2013 at 2:48PM
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PRI’s first affiliate course, PRI Integration for the Home Health Clinician was a wonderful success!  A big thank you to Jacob Mullin and First Call Home Health in Salem for being such a great host and for encouraging PRI to develop this course.  Also thank you to Emily Soiney and Shelly DeRuiter for so ably assisting me.  Attendees included both home health professionals (including nurses) and other outpatient/hospital-based clinicians that regularly work with geriatric patients. 

Our new geriatric assessment tests and the new appendix material were a big hit. The appendix includes a new 4 page Positioning Program, a 16 technique Group Exercise Progression, an 18 item Functional Routine recommendation sheet and 73 new PRI non-manual techniques divided into bed, recliner, seated, transfer, and standing sections.  So great to be teaching such a meaningful course for the geriatric population!

Feedback from course attendees:
“Loved the practicality and simplicity.  Excellent for higher level patients as well as geriatrics.”

“Even as an acute inpatient and outpatient PT I felt all the rehab objectives were met.  Great photo handouts, great manual and I loved the EBP part at the end.”

“Although this class was geared towards geriatrics, I found it to be the most applicable PRI class so far for the prevention of injury in all age groups- pediatrics, young athletes, etc.  And the interventions are easy to apply.  Thanks!”

“Thank you James for your “outside of the box” thinking and for your hardwork in creating this course and manual- you are changing a lot of lives.”

“Loved the course, the manual is great and the application was wonderful.  So happy for all the good photos we can use with our patients.”

“Excellent material and presentation, combining information from several PRI courses for home health application.”

“From an Occupational Therapist’s perspective, this course was excellent.  Thank you.”

And, here are some photos from the course this past weekend!

Posted August 29, 2013 at 4:53PM
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