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I had the privilege of teaching at Advance Physical Therapy in Chapel Hill this past weekend.   I had a wonderful time teaching this group of clinicians over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend with March Madness in full swing.   The big takeaways this past weekend from the class perspective were the following:  1. the power of respiration and synchronization of both the pelvic and respiratory diaphragms.  2. The A-B-A model of evidence base practice implemented in the clinic with PRI concepts.  The “A” objective PRI tests then the “B” of PRI non-manual techniques and then the change to the “A” after the technique was implemented.  3.  Truly understanding what the PRI objective tests are and how they can assist the clinician to picking PRI non-manual techniques that best assist the patient.   This class was inquisitive, passionate, and open-minded.  It was a great joy to mentor you in your PRI journey.   To the staff of Susan, Joe, Jean, Lisa, Beth, Molly, and Nancy thank you, thank you, and thank you.  Your organization of the room set-up, snacks, assisting us to get manuals copied when a boxed didn’t show up and most importantly for your passion of PRI, I am grateful and humbled.

Posted March 20, 2018 at 9:22PM

Thank you Stan, Christie and Impact staff for hosting Pelvis Restoration this past weekend. We had a fabulous weekend introducing some recent updates to the Pelvis course. The Hruska Abduction lift test was added to the course. It's a great test for assessing frontal plane integration of the pelvis. The practitioners found it to be a great tool for clinical application when assessing their patients to assist with reciprocal and alternating function. It was an amazing group with critical thinkers. Thank you for a weekend of your time. Also, a shout out to Kenny who lab assisted for me. Great weekend. Great people.

Posted August 29, 2017 at 4:20PM
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Thank you Joey from Engineered Per4mance for hosting Pelvis Restoration in Iowa. We had 10 clinicians attending their FIRST PRI course. We had 5 P.T. students and 1 dental student in addition to physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, and a chiropractor. What an amazing group of individuals learning this past weekend. Trisha had an appropriate car decal on her truck “Pelvic Sorcery.” Of course we weren’t performing “black magic” on the pelvis, but we were applying the science and concepts of PRI to the complexities of the pelvic inlet and outlet. We need a pelvic diaphragm that can achieve a “zone of opposition” just like the respiratory diaphragm in left stance for correct forward propulsion in gait. If not, our patients will utilize the pelvic diaphragm as a postural stabilizer just like the respiratory diaphragm. Chew on that and realize the importance of opposition of the pelvic diaphragm by pelvic outlet abduction via the left obturator internus and illiococcygeus and the pelvic inlet adduction via the left iliacus. This pelvis frontal plane control allows our necks and ankles to wobble and trunks to rotate.

Posted March 6, 2017 at 9:25PM

It was a wonderful weekend in Gilbert, AZ teaching Pelvis Restoration. Thanks you Connor Ryan, PT, DPT, CSCS, PRC and Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy for hosting this PRI course. We had 35 attendees and we got into the nuances and details of the AFIR/AFER position as it related to the pelvis and it's relationship to gait. We had great discussion and demonstration of rectus abdominus inhibition (thanks Steven) and compensatory and non-compensatory hip position with the Pelvis (thanks Pat). It was an amazing and insightful group of clinicians.

Posted January 26, 2017 at 8:06PM

How appropriate to teach Pelvis Restoration at Finish Line in New York City weeks before the New York City Marathon. Tri-planar pelvis control is vital not only for runners, but for any individual that sits, stands, or walks in life.  In that case, ALL humans.  We all need a stabile pelvis in order for our hips and trunk to rotate and our ankles and necks to wobble. 

Danny, Ashleigh, and Kim thanks for your first row enthusiasm.  Rondel, Stone, Otis, and Jason I appreciated your hunger and thoroughness to learn and understand PRI.  The first time PRI course attendees (Matt, Jake, Alan, Karin, Kara, Oleg, Lily, Jeremy, Matt, Jimmy, Carly, Ross, Iwalani, Dan, Elana, Erica, Jeff, Emmi and Jameela) my respect and admiration for going on thru this in-depth material with me. Those attendees for coming back for more PRI, your passion to learn and apply principles taught in this course you have my professional respect.  FINISH LINE P.T.—Caroline, Lily, Alison, Jason, Carly, Alicia, Andrew, Michael, Raechel, and Emmi, thank you for hosting all of us.  Your tireless commitment to PRI is awesome!  Lastly, a huge shout out to my awesome assistants Trevor and Greg, PRC’s from Resilient Performance Physical Therapy you have wicked PRI skills.  I loved teaching in New York and had a wonderful time exploring the area after the course.  Thank you!

Posted October 24, 2016 at 1:41PM

We had 42 attendees at Pelvis Restoration this past weekend in Redmond/Bellevue WA (just outside of Seattle.)  16 of the course attendees were new to PRI!  Not only did the course participants gain understanding of frontal plane of the pelvis for stance and swing phase of gait, the ability to utilize PRI tests to assist with which quadrant needed inhibition to assist with facilitation of the frontal was emphasized.  Lots of “light bulb moments” and further enhancement of PRI was capitalized.  This group was awesome.  Lots of great questions and comments from some intellectual clinicians.  Much thanks to Carl from Pro Sports Club for hosting us this past weekend and also to my lab assistants Minh Nguyen - OTD, OTR/L, PRC and Cathy deSmet, PT, PRC.

Posted May 19, 2016 at 8:44PM

Thank you Brittani and  EXOS for hosting Pelvis Restoration this past weekend in Frisco, TX.  Almost, half the class attendees were new to PRI!  They were excited about Postural Restoration and at least 8 of them told me they were going to another course this year and were getting other health care practitioners to come with them.  It is rewarding as a Faculty to have a class this excited about learning and not being complacent.  For those of you that have attended other PRI courses, Pelvis Restoration is about going into detail about tri-planer control of (L) AFIR and (R) AFER.  Inhibition of the correct inlet or outlet quadrant will allow for FAIR or FAER control, trunk rotation, ability to integrate floor grounding to allow the neck to “wobble.”  A huge shout out to Sayuri for you wonderful lab assistance this past weekend.

Posted April 5, 2016 at 6:10PM
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A big shout out to Water Sports and Physical Therapy for hosting Pelvis Restoration this past weekend in San Diego, CA.    The 40 plus course attendees dove into the complexity of what we all know as AFIR (IPIR) and AFER (IPER).   I feel they gained an understanding that if we don’t have tri-planar control of a pelvis we won’t have control of a femur or a thorax.  We really hit inhibition of the inlet and outlet to assist with clinical outcomes.   I had the awesome help of lab assistants Caleb Chiu, CSCS, PRT and Skip George, DC, PRC.  Although I wasn’t able to run along the ocean this trip (it was dark going to work and coming back), it gave me great joy to assist these practitioners on their PRI journey with 17 attendees being newbies! 

Posted February 29, 2016 at 10:55PM
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We had 45 attendees at Pelvis Restoration this past weekend in Quincy, IL.  This course really gets into the “details” of tri-planar activity of AFIR and AFER of the pelvic inlet and outlet.  I felt the participants gained an understanding of how PRI tests can assist them with selecting the best activity to assist with inhibition and neuro-motor retraining for reciprocal and/or alternating function for their patient.  A big shout out to Natalie and the Advanced Physical Therapy crew for hosting this past weekend your passion for patient excellence is palpable.  Also, thanks Lori Brinkman and Nancy Hammond for being awesome lab assistants.

Posted February 5, 2016 at 3:35PM
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KA’ Athletic Training Room at the MGM Grand Hotel was filled with our own version of Cirque de Soleil PRI style this past weekend.  Understanding PRI tests to inhibit the right polyarticular chain to facilitate the left were highlighted.  It was a great weekend of learning and meeting other individuals passionate about PRI.  Thanks Stephanie and Cirque crew for hosting!!!

Posted September 22, 2015 at 6:07PM
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