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I just confirmed our last course being offered in 2012! If you are interested in attending one last PRI course before 2013, register today! There is one date for each of our 6 courses left!

Pelvis Restoration
Lincoln, NE
October 12-13, 2012
Speaker: Lori Thomsen, MPT, PRC

Impingement & Instability
Prescott Valley, AZ
October 13-14, 2012
Speaker: James Anderson, MPT, PRC
*1 spot left!

Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration
Seattle, WA
November 3-4, 2012
Speaker: Ron Hruska, MPA, PT

Postural Respiration
Salem, OR
November 3-4, 2012
Speaker: James Anderson, MPT, PRC
*2 spots left!

Myokinematic Restoration
Philadelphia, PA
November 10-11, 2012
Speaker: Jennifer Poulin, PT, PRC
*10 spots left!

Advanced Integration
Lincoln, NE
December 6-9, 2012
Speakers: Ron Hruska and James Anderson

Posted October 3, 2012 at 3:08PM

Maryland SportsCare & Rehab is a unique PT owned sports medicine/orthopedic clinic. We have been teaming up with PRI in recent years in order to train our diverse staff of PTs, ATCs, and strength coaches. In our Frederick, MD region, we have 7 high schools in which we have ATCs providing exceptional sports medicine services. They work closely with the community and the clinic therapists all of which are have been trained with Postural Restoration courses. This gives us the ability to screen athletes using PRI principles and treat when indicated in the local clinics.

Having attended several PRI courses and a passionate therapist with OCS credentials myself, I am developing an Orthopedic Clinical Residency Program that will be credentialed by the APTA. Since I have taken many courses and plan to apply for PRC in 2013, I will be certainly incorporating PRI principles as well.  We are looking for anyone with passion for excellence. Candidates do not have to complete a residency. There are plenty of opportunities available. There are currently 3 prime openings to join this movement at Maryland SportsCare & Rehab. We offer a very competitive salary and are willing to pay for PRC, as well as OCS. We have hosted PRI courses in the past and are excited to host the Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration course in February, 2013.

For more information on this opportunity or if you are interested in applying, please email your resume to Chris Roosa .

To see all of the career opportunities, visit our Careers page!

Posted August 10, 2012 at 3:55PM

If comparing the ongoing CD project to the Olympics, it would be the Marathon, the longest race of the games. Bobbie and Jen have been feverishly working on the new CDs, set to be released soon. As they turn the corner and head into the home stretch, final edits are being made and finishing touches are being added.

Make sure to keep checking out our blog to find out when the CDs will be ready for purchase!

Posted August 7, 2012 at 4:20PM

Attending Myokinematic Restoration in Monterey, CA August 25-26, 2012? The course location has changed to the address below to accommodate more attendees. New hotel recommendations are below, as well. Please contact Paige with any questions!

Ryan Ranch Physical Therapy
21 Upper Ragsdale Drive, #125, Monterey, CA 93940
Phone #831-372-2963

Embassy Suites Monterey Bay
1441 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Seaside, CA 93955
*3.5 miles from course site

Comfort Inn Monterey Peninsula Airport
1200 Olmsted Road, Monterey, CA 93940
*2 miles from course site, near airport

Best Western Plus on the Beach
2600 Sand Dunes Drive, Monterey, CA 93940
*4 miles from course site

Posted July 27, 2012 at 7:56PM

Check out an awesome testimonial from Josh Owen, ATC, who recently hosted Impingement & Instability in June in North Carolina!

“WOW! is all I have to say! We had so many PRC and PRT’s in attendance, two speakers, and had a blast along the way.  I think overall everyone was pleased and experienced several “ah-ha!” moments.  Just specifically who was in attendance and having the great mixture of teaching styles of Mike and James solidified all of the principles of the Impingement and Instability course.  I think out of this entire process of hosting and experiencing this specific weekend, this is what PRI is all about.  It’s about bringing together professionals who are willing to collaborate and push the boundaries of physical science and medicine in an open environment to learn about restoring the body into its proper position to successfully carry out its functions. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!”

If you are interested in hosting a PRI course in 2013, please contact or fill out a Host a Course form! Dates are limited!

Posted July 5, 2012 at 8:31PM

The date for the Postural Respiration course being offered in Minneapolis, MN is now OCTOBER 6-7, 2012. Call or register online today. Contact Paige with any questions!

New course location:
Allina Commons
Room: Pettingill B
2925 Chicago Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

Mark your calendars!

Posted June 13, 2012 at 9:01PM

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Check out speaker Mike Cantrell‘s latest fitness tip, featured on his local news station! In this clip, Mike discusses why hamstring stretching should be avoided, so that pelvic stability is not compromised. If you are a health care professional who is interested in learning more about this, consider taking our Pelvis Restoration or Myokinematic Restoration courses!

Posted June 11, 2012 at 9:06PM

We have extended our early registration deadline for our June 1-2, 2012 Postural Respiration course in Lincoln, NE to THIS Friday, May 11th. This will be the only time this course will be hosted in Lincoln and the only time Ron Hruska will be teaching Postural Respiration this year. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the director of the Postural Restoration Institute in a smaller, classroom setting!

If you are interested in attending this course, please register online or call today!

Course Location:
Postural Restoration Institute
5241 R Street
Lincoln, NE 68504

Posted May 7, 2012 at 2:09PM

We are starting to plan our 2013 course schedule a little early this year! If you are interested in hosting Myokinematic Restoration, Pelvis Restoration, Postural Respiration, Impingement & Instability or Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration, please contact Paige or fill out a Host a Course form today!

Posted May 3, 2012 at 2:12PM

The early registration deadline for two Postural Respiration courses is this Friday, May 4, 2012!
Register today or contact us to take advantage of the early registration tuition fee!

Friday, June 1 - Saturday, June 2, 2012
Postural Restoration Institute
5241 R Street
Lincoln, NE
Speaker: Ron Hruska

Saturday, June 2, - Sunday, June 3, 2012
Performance & Strength at Proway Baseball Academy
13225 FM 529 Rd.
Houston, TX
Speaker: Mike Cantrell

Posted May 2, 2012 at 2:15PM


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