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Lori’s most recent video blog discusses the importance of trunk rotation with the runner. CLICK HERE to check it out!

Posted May 17, 2012 at 2:00PM

Speaker James Anderson, MPT, PRC recently shared this email success story that he received after teaching the Myokinematic Restoration course in Seattle, WA in April. It’s great to hear the outcomes these attendees have with their patients and themselves!

“I just wanted to say thanks for coming out to WA to teach the Myokinematic Restoration class. I used it ALL week with patients from severe TOS/IBS to Plantar Fascitis, LBP, hip pain, pre and post-partum, cervical pain, basically every single one of my patients!!

However, the person I used it on the most was myself. I have been battling night time bilateral hand numbness for a year both median and ulnar distribution, mostly ulnar. I have a mild to moderate scoliosis. I wake with dark bags under my eyes and feel as if I dream all night. In the past year, I have had cervical films, 20+ therapeutic massages, 15 manual PT visits and 7 chiropractic visits. In just a week following the class, I have been “repositioning” 4 times/day using the 90/90 hip lift and all of the other re-positioning tips for standing, sitting, etc. I have had 6 nights of NO hand numbness and excellent sleep. I have a capnography unit to measure my CO2 levels and O2 sats. My respiratory chemistry has improved greatly. My left hamstring strain is gone, my left anterior hip impingement pain is significantly better as well as my right heel pain. I feel as if I can finally flex my lumbar segment a bit. I feel more energized and feel it is easier to breathe. I crave re-positioning as I have NO “hole control”. I will re-position after sleeping, before and after a walk, before and after work, chores, sitting at the computer, etc.

I am signed up for some PT visits with a local physical therapist who has taken more of the PRI courses so that I can keep progressing. I also signed up for the Pelvis Restoration course in August and the Postural Respiration course in September that are coming to Seattle! I was getting ready to throw in the towel as a PT. The manual work was killing me. I feel like I can definitely ride out my career now!”

Posted May 15, 2012 at 2:02PM

Mike Cantrell, MPT, PRC recently sent us these photos taken of a young patient at his clinic.

“Dr. Adrian Baker, DPT began treatment with this young man whose postural deficits were contributing significantly to his overall ability to keep up with his peers. His initial photo is shown here dated February 3, 2012. In that photo it is apparent that his juvenile-onset thoracic kyphosis is quite severe. A Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI) program was initiated with emphasis placed on his inhalation restriction, and introducing tri-planar ZOA and thoracic-lumbar flexion. Within 11 short visits, we noted a startling metamorphosis! Of equal importance (if not more so) is the metamorphosis noted on his face as he transforms into a much happier child! -Mike Cantrell, MPT, PRC

Posted May 8, 2012 at 2:05PM

Lori Thomsen will now be teaching the Pelvis Restoration course in Lincoln, NE on October 12-13, 2012. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend a Friday/Saturday course in Lincoln, and don’t worry about the football schedule as the Huskers have the weekend off! For more information on this course or to register, CLICK HERE!

Posted May 1, 2012 at 2:17PM

Over 30 PRC and PRT individuals attended the Annual PRC/PRT Conference that was held in Lincoln on Saturday, April 21st. This annual event allows collaboration among colleagues and this year’s conference included presentations by Curt Johnson, Kyndy Boyle, Sarah Petrich, Christie Thames, Mike Cantrell, Jason Masek, and Jen Gloystein. For those who like to plan ahead, next year’s conference will also be held in Lincoln on Saturday, April 13th! Look for upcoming emails from the planning committee as they develop next year’s conference agenda.

The Quarterly PRC/PRT Update was emailed today, so check your inbox! If you did not receive it, we may need updated contact information from you. Contact Jen if you have an new email address. You can also view the the quarterly update by logging into the Members Only section of the website. If you missed this year’s PRC/PRT Conference, you can view and print the available presentations on the Update Email or on the Members Only webpage!

Posted April 30, 2012 at 2:22PM

Click here to check out a recent blog written by PRC therapist Steve Cuddy on the influences of cycling and faulty breathing mechanics. If you are a cyclist or work with patients who enjoy cycling, this is an excellent read!

Posted April 26, 2012 at 2:24PM

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Check out this video from the Today Show featuring a 13 year-old patient being treated by Holly Spence, PT, PRC.

Holly also shared a few notes of interests regarding her treatment of this patient using Postural Restoration™ techniques.
“Rhian presented 8 months s/p single screw fixation for a slipped capital femoral epiphysis with severely limited left hip PROM/AROM. The most significant was that she had -10 degrees of FAIR.  She had excessive left genu varus, left trunk side flexion, limited hip extension, calcaneal varus then valgus with mid stance to late mid stance for gait.  She also had an excessive left anterior rotated ilium. She was not able to flex her hip past 60 degrees. She was started in sidelying and hooklying positions for PRI activity that would assist with left AFIR incorporating left hamstring, left IC adductor, right glut max IR. We also used sitting on a high stool to get a left hemi bridge with pull downs (modified due to her ROM restrictions). Protonics® was incorprated as well in prone and supine to assist with reducing her anterior rotated ilium/hemilordosis. She has also worked a lot of on left IO/TA integration. Manual tenchniques were used for left obturator release prior to sidelying activity. Shoe wear was addressed to optimize her ankle/foot stability but care was taken due to her hip deformity, and we could not fully stablilize this for fear of this putting too much stress on her knee. Rhian continues to demonstrate weak left glute med with adductor integration in left stance, positive for left Trendelenberg. Her FAIR is quite good passively 35-40 degrees but still weak actively at 25 degrees. She is now working on right sidelying left inlet IPIR with balloon. She is also doing very well with a modified retro walk using two hands on the counter in order to perform it with support and lots of abdominals.”
- Holly Spence

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Posted April 24, 2012 at 2:29PM

We have heard from several individuals commenting on a recent article published in this month’s edition of Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy discussing the relationship of position and function of the diaphragm among patients with and without low back pain. Ron has also read this article and recently included it as a reference within his presentation at the Interdisciplinary Integration course this past week. Click here to check out this article!

Posted April 23, 2012 at 2:33PM

We have just four seats remaining for our upcoming 4th Annual Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium being held April 19th & 20th in Lincoln, NE! This years symposium will include two days of discussion on the airway and anterior neck. We are thrilled to have six speakers presenting at this years symposium. Click here to learn a little more about each of them, or view the agenda for a more specific course description. If you are interested in attending you can call us at 888-691-4583 or register online!

Posted April 11, 2012 at 2:37PM

We have recently had a couple great e-mail questions, so be sure to check out our Recent E-mail section!

Posted March 12, 2012 at 2:59PM
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