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Last week I had the opportunity to do a brief PRI introduction to a group of 9 students in the Graduate Program in Athletic Training from San Jose State University. They came to me via Tokyo. While in Nebraska for PRT Testing in January, Tadayoshi Takahashi had mentioned to me that Tokyo native Dr. Maasaki Tsuruike is Head of the Graduate Athletic Training Program at SJSU and Dr. Norikazu Hirose, professor of Sports Sciences at Waseda University in Tokyo is doing a year sabbatical with him. So he reached out to them and had them contact me as soon as I got back from NE, so long story short, they met with me a few weeks ago and wanted to bring the SJSU students on a tour. Some Waseda University students may come to SJSU in the summer and they may end up spending a day with us at the Riekes Center also. So NE to Tokyo to San Jose. Funny how networking works!


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