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James and I had an awesome weekend in the beautiful college town of Chapel Hill, NC this past weekend teaching PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement. The course was well represented with both attendees that never had attended a PRI course and others that were PRC/PRT certified. We had multiple states in attendance as well as sports medicine professionals from Japan, Australian, and Switzerland! Thank you all who traveled in and a special thank you to Alain Aguilar and Nina Walker and the UNC Sports Medicine Team and Ryan Holleman for Hosting! Amazing host site and our hosts’ attention to detail helped us and all the attendees was spot on to help make it an enjoyable weekend.

The PRI Fitness and Movement course is a jammed packed course committed to give the industry a fresh look at core performance strategies and help professionals understand key biomechanical relationships needed to coordinate core muscles and mechanics in various symmetrical and asymmetrical movement patterns. Our coordinated mobility with the diaphragm and thoracic posture is key to understand how some of the largest and powerful muscles in our human system work. These principles help us ground our systems to sense position to load with empowered core relationships and coordinate extensor strategies to optimize compound ground based training.  We want to encourage people to move often, move well, and maintain key mechanical relationships to breathe, rest, and rotate in their training. 

Four more host courses still available in 2017: Omaha in August, Denver in September, Minneapolis in October, and Frederick, MD in November. 

Posted July 31, 2017 at 2:02PM
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The PRI Fitness and Movement Course continues to make progressive leaps and bounds in its development. This course is dedicated to the potential to advance PRI application in various settings related to fitness and movement, as well as help the discussions progress beyond just using PRI as correctives, warm ups, or cool downs.

I believe the strategic partnerships and interdisciplinary teams will most effectively meet today’s fitness, performance and healthcare challenges. Advanced PRI application is a key ingredient needed to conquer these challenges and its groups like we had this past weekend that will continue to progress the discussions involving PRI and keep us all moving forward. PRI really is not just another “tool” in a clinician, coach, or trainer’s toolbox. Its only a tool when you use or know parts and limited pieces of the system. When you understand all the pieces and parts, the PRI science provides us all a framework for which we can optimize various anatomical relationships to enhance human performance.

We devote a lot of time in this course to understanding the thorax and components of pillar core strength. Fitness and movement application has a lot of limitations in core strengthening if respiratory and neurological factors are not respected. We highlight those factors and teach people how to respect them in ways which are functional and easy to implement. For many high level performance athletes as well as any of your fitness clients with chronic pain, its not in strengthening and stretching that they will feel significant improvements in their stability; instead through strategic breath work and inhibiting hyperactive chains of muscles they will be able to synchronize the thoracic-acetabular abduction which is crucial for core stability and it’s that synchronized stability which must proceed the mobility that so many people crave. Let’s rethink mobilizing --- and start synchronizing.

Thanks to all that came out to Performance Gains in Palo Alto! PG Thank you for hosting and it was awesome to see the new beautiful facility! Caleb thank you for lab assisting and helping us out throughout the weekend!

Posted June 16, 2017 at 3:31PM
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Thrive Proactive Health is a Postural Restoration Certified Center and a privately owned small boutique wellness clinic in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA. We are growing and looking to expand and grow our Physical Therapy Team!

Ideal candidate must enjoy learning and communicating with other PTs, PTAs, and massage therapists that look at human biomechanical relationships through a Postural Restoration®(PRI) lens. We focus on providing individualized care using a team approach and incorporate various tools and therapies to treat hyperactivity and impaired mobility including Graston, Dry Needling, and Vacuum Cupping. Postural Restoration is a specialized form of PT that all of our staff members are trained in and every patient is evaluated using a PRI framework. 

There is a lot of opportunity for professional growth for those that may be interested. We are looking for someone who is excited to grow with an innovative practice and we welcome ideas for program development. Our mission is to responsibly optimize health and wellness care delivery by focusing on enhancing the customer experience. We strive to provide quality, innovation, and teamwork to be industry leaders helping more people THRIVE in a culture where healthcare is changing. 

Virginia State License is required and minimum of two years of experience along with experience with Postural Restoration® is preferred. A variety of employee benefits are available for team members that qualify, which include health care, paid time off, bonuses, and incentive pay based off of team performance.

CLICK HERE to apply in confidence! 

Posted May 21, 2017 at 11:07PM

James and I recently got back from traveling across the Atlantic! The PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement Course had its debut in the UK to a stunning group in London. It was a great mix of Personal Trainers, Yoga and Pilates’ Instructors, Strength Coaches, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and even an emergency room Medical Doctor! Besides the UK, other countries were represented including Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, and Australia. It was a privilege and honor to spend the weekend with this awesome group and I’m looking forward to hearing success stories spread across Europe and learn how they integrate it all with their clients.

A very large percent of our attendees had never been to a PRI course before. We introduced the respiratory and neurological principles taught in the PRI science, as well as focused on rib mobility, thoracic posture, and concepts around managing gravity. There were a lot of stiff ribcages in this course--- which we made sure we got moving! I made it my personal mission to make sure unexhaled air was mobilized and misuse of the abdominals patterns were identified. Ab bracing a ribcage that is hyperinflated, stiff, and rigid contributes to hyperactivity of rib elevators, back extensors, over firing of a rectus abdominis, compensatory movement strategies and poor neuromuscular balance between the two halves of the body.

Parachutes and pancakes were hot topics this weekend. We learned with every breath you take and every move you make…the diaphragm will orient you Thanks to Monica, James really did make it to the Sting concert. Thanks to Luke Worthington and Third Space for graciously hosting the course. Luke we appreciate all the pre-arrangements you did prepping for the large group and printing the manuals. The Third Space staff were all awesome and so friendly. We could have not asked for a better host site!

 Thank you Danielle Berger from Zurick Switzerland for the comments on her course eval. She says “Course manual: excellent, you've really helped fast forward our learning with this manual. Thank you so much. Loved the reinforcement on breathing, loved the breakdown on three planes of motion, loved the application to the fitness industry. Thank you James and Julie, you are both an inspiration. Thank you for your authenticity and integrity”.  

Thanks to Moiz for sharing his craftsmanship and presenting us with a handmade BC+AIC key chain, so thoughtful and creative! We loved it!

This was my first trip over to Europe, and I hope the first of many more abroad. Sharing this information is dear to my heart and I love helping people understand the simplicity and practicality that can be found in one of the most complex and effective sciences we have to learn. PRI helps us all understand patterns of human movement and how various body segments are linked. Next course is in Palo Alto, CA in June! Check out the affiliate course link to learn more!

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Posted April 17, 2017 at 4:09PM

This past weekend, James and I presented PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement Course at a beautiful Pro Sports Club performance facility just outside of Seattle, WA. The first day was jammed pack with what attendees would say "ah ha" moments. One even said to me "You transformed how I look at the core. I will never look at an athlete the same again". How awesome is that?! I am so grateful to those who have supported the endeavor of putting this course together. Each time we teach it, I just get more passionate and inspired to share the material because I see how well it received and how many people enjoy learning it. This time we broke lab up into stations and allotted more time for attendees to experience more exercises. I also broke the exercises up into groups which helped categorize functionality and use with the many new exercises found in this manual.

This Seattle course was jammed packed with an equal ratio of attendees who have never been to a PRI course with those who have been exposed to the material through introductory and secondary courses. I love the diversity that exists in these courses. It really facilities a learning environment and challenges us to keep things simple and practical --- which I find those most experienced in PRI really like that. One attendee commented "This course brought it all together for me. This would be a great first course for people to take on their PRI journey".

Let's face it, the plethora of knowledge available to learn for wellness, fitness, rehab, and movement health professionals is nothing short of overwhelming. Yet learning how to facilitate better breathing, evaluate and maintain movement health and posture three dimensionally is some of the most fundamental and important things we can do for ourselves, as well as our clients, patients, and athletes.

Thank you to Carl, Amanda and the amazing staff at the Pro Sports Club for being gracious hosts!

Next course: London in a few weeks!

Posted March 20, 2017 at 6:58PM

So grateful for the wonderful weekend in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona at the Diamondback’s facility. The course was jammed packed with 55 Fitness and Movement Professionals. Ken and Ryan have an amazing staff and I would like to thank them and all their guys for their hospitality and participation. We had some great side dialogue promoting key discussion points and ideas to benefit and better further develop the course which was greatly appreciated. The affiliate course material was well received as it focuses on components of gait, biological foundations of posture and movement, and reminds us how to respect our asymmetrical axial design when upright working against gravity and external loads. One thing I continue to love about this course, is how we break down the basics of thoraco-abdominal mechanics and emphasis the value in integrating both ab walls and the frontal plane in fitness based movement patterns. Lets face it, if you can’t achieve some functional symmetry in your frontal plane when upright and integrate your thorax with your hips rotationally, your biological system will suffer. Our fitness training and conditioning programs only become as strong as our weakest link! I look forward to changing things up in the PRI Fitness course for 2017. We will be adding new activities, more videos, and strategically adding in more lab break-out sessions. It's going to be great! --- so don’t wait too long to sign up! Every course was sold out this past year and with the improvements we make I’m super excited for teaching in 2017 :) Happy Holidays to all!!

Posted November 29, 2016 at 3:54PM

Very FUN weekend in the Boston area, at the host site Pure Performance in Needham, MA. Huge thank you to the Adam Vogel and his crew, BJ, Dan, Sam, Tad, and Micheal. Thank you guys for being gracious hosts and opening up your great training facility for us to teach the PRI Fitness & Movement Course. During this course I changed things up and was able to cover more material and teach attendees how to better reference different sections of the jammed packed course manual. We emphasized breathing as its relationship to postural balance as well as grounding and the biomechancial, physiological, and psychophysiology aspects which affect performance. Additionally, some of the basic yet crucial gait application and frontal plane principles needed for one to excel with a PRI integrated program were also emphasized and I taught how to apply to those principles to common fitness movement patterns. I am looking forward to finishing out the 2016 calendar in Arizona in November, and then restructuring and adding new content for 2017! Some quotes from the post course review sheets include: "Great Course, excellent presentation and coteaching from speakers. Course is easily digestable and simplified" "The flow of the course was awesome - incredible info very applicable to our athletic patient population"

Posted September 23, 2016 at 2:47PM
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This weekend, James and I traveled outside of Dallas to teach the PRI Fitness and Movement course for the 5th time. Thank you to Trey, Charles, and Jonathon for their gracious hospitality and welcoming us into the awesome EXOS facility in Frisco, Texas. It is exciting to be apart of the evolution of the PRI Fitness & Movement course. It continues to come together and surpass people’s expectations. I am so grateful for those that shared their appreciation and thoughts with me after course. We are receiving very positive feedback from both PRCs, experienced PRI practitioners, as well as from the attendees who are new to the PRI science. The course does deliver a lot of content, so much so, we’ve had two attendees repeating the course for the second time already this year! Another 2 this weekend told me that the material blew their mind, and they can’t wait to take it again next year! I think this is great. Each time we take a PRI course we learn more application of PRI and fine tune our understanding of a complex and integrated science. This course brings us back to the basics and reminds us how powerful getting really good with the basics can be! I do believe this is one of those courses you can and should repeat to enhance your understanding, as well as find inspiration and new stuff to integrate!

 For this review I thought readers may be more interested in hearing from actual participants:

Josh Ogden, Collegiate Athletic Training: “First of all, I want to thank you for putting together a great course and an excellent presentation this past weekend. In athletic training, at least in my setting, we don’t usually deal in either pure rehabilitation cases or pure performance settings, but in bridging the gap between those two domains.  Your course this past weekend was excellent for me because it really helped me see how to integrate all of the information and techniques I’ve learned in all of my previous PRI courses and immediately apply it in the athletic training room to transition my rehab cases into more functional, sport performance work.  Prior to this, the patterns, repositioning techniques, etc. all made perfect sense to me, but I had no clue how to get my patients up off of the table and into more performance based rehabilitation; by Sunday afternoon, I was already redesigning programs based on what I learned this weekend and was able to immediately apply the course on Monday morning.  This course makes the others all make sense and is seamlessly integrable with all of the techniques I was already doing. After one day with the changes I implemented this past Monday after the course, the only patient I’ve got in town right now sent me a text as soon as he woke up today asking for an off or light day because he was so sore in the muscle groups we’d targeted.”

John Glenn, Personal Training Fitness: “What a great course!!!! You have done a great job putting this together. I really appreciate how open and honest you were telling about your past experiences, success and "failures". I am going to pursue the study of PRI, this was my first course.”

Navin Hettiarachchi, Professional Athletics: “Thank you very much for a great seminar! First seminar was good, but this one was Great!! This time around the content and the presentation was taken to another level. I loved it!!“

James Anderson – Professional PRI extraordinaire: “I have really enjoyed the evolution of the PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement course, with Julie getting better each time she has the opportunity to present. Her confidence levels are high, and I consistently hear people experienced and even certified in PRI say that her presentation expanded their overall view of thoracic movement dynamics, tri-planer ground-based performance, and integrated movement sequence. They say this material has really helped to bridge the gap between PRI sidelying rehab programs that they would like to get up into standing and having success with dynamic standing training techniques. Well done Julie!”

Thanks Guys! I am definitely looking forward to teaching our remaining courses for 2016 – Boston next month (which is already sold out) and Phoenix in November. If you have any interest in going, don't hesitate to sign up! You won't be disappointed! Hope to see you there! 

Posted August 15, 2016 at 3:53PM
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Recently, I got to teach the PRI Fitness & Movement course to a private group of attendees. Each time I get to speak and share this information I get jazzed up.  It is exciting to hear feedback after the course! The course is very applicable and is a good course to help tie concepts of PRI together and it teaches principles to apply easily in various settings. After the course, some of the attendees comments were  "I really enjoyed the course, and it was was great information which needs to be shared with professionals working in athletic performance", "very applicable course which helped me understand how to apply PRI principles in my settings more than any other course",  "loved the discussion around breathing and gait", "totally enhanced my perspective of pillar strength and incorporating more core work into my programming". My favorite comment actually was a text message I received the next day from an attendee that said "my obliques and glutes are so sore!" - I think those are pretty good muscles to know you worked in a weekend of continuing education!
All and all, it is wonderful to help PRI nation grow and help people connect with the science better.  I felt especially good walking away from this course because this group was full of very high-level thinkers and I know they have taken A LOT of other courses! Though it was a smaller group, each attendee seemed very engaged with the material presented!
This course continues to evolve and truly gets better each time I teach it. We were able to discuss various breathing patterns and tie in important gait muscles into various upright fitness movements and continue to emphasize three dimensional training principles. 

Only 3 courses left for 2016!! Early registration for the August course at EXOS will end soon and there are some seats left! Register under Affliate Courses

Also we are looking for host sites for 2017 so let us know if you are interested! Next year we should be able to start teaching internationally! #prination #needtogetapassport 😊

Posted June 29, 2016 at 1:57PM
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James and I just had a fun weekend with an outstanding group of movement professionals in Chicago. We received fabulous feedback throughout the weekend, and what is even more cool is the feedback I received Monday and Tuesday as course participants are energized and starting to use the material in their settings. Tina Milillo, brand new student to PRI who attended our course for the first time, sent me a message Monday stating “I applied super basic PRI concepts with 2 of my clients this morning, and it was so awesome the feedback I received”. Both of her clients had back pain and when she incorporated the principles of breathing and repositioning thoracic posture, both were able to move through a greater range of motion and train without pain. Additionally, they were able to find and feel the correct muscles to the movement pattern that she was coaching. She was shocked at how easy and effective it was to apply the material she learned this past weekend and see instant results!
PRI Integration and Fitness and Movement is quickly spreading the globe, we’ve had students from various parts of Canada, London, and then this weekend we had a student come all the way from Australia! Thank you Craig Ambler for making the 18-hour trip! Craig is preparing for his PRC and said to me, “this course really helped me put the jig saw puzzles more together”.
Lastly, thank you to Sean Griffin and his wonderful staff at Chicago Primal Gym for hosting the course.  These guys are doing some exciting things, and James and I are thankful that they invited us into their facility to share this course material!!!
If you think this is a course you want to attend this year, do not wait to sign up. These last two both sold out and had significant waiting lists. Our upcoming course locations include EXOS in Dallas, Pure Performance Training in Boston, and lastly the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix. I’m looking forward to them all, because this course just keeps getting better!  


Posted March 4, 2016 at 4:05PM
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