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No fools this April weekend! Just returned from a trip to the Metroplex of Texas and enjoyed a weekend with some friends from northern Texas to speak to a predominantly first time PRI crowd about the big science of acetabulofemoral and femoralacetabular movement as a part of lumbo-pelvic-femoral movement.

This group of scientists was as hospitable as they get, with representatives from stateside physiotherapists like Dana Martin, ATC students like Patrick Ebke, school coaches like Mario Saldivar, strength coaches like Justin Roach, PT/ATC's like Stephen Laplante, PTA's like Lindsey Wheeler and ATC's like Yoshimi Toguchi to name a few. We broke down the notion of strength as a function of triplanar neuromechanical position first and discussed the need to be aware of AF pathology, and how to do so. More importantly, we had good lab and detailed case study sample discussions about the application of our coursework to clients from all fields. Thank you Miles McGriff for the excellent discussion about integrating the science of PRI in a respectful, professional fashion among the multiple disciplines this science spans. Thank you Kelli Cutshall and Stephanie Hill, the giggle sisters, for keeping attentive and lively throughout the course.

Thank you Adrian "Commander" Pettaway, James "TSA" Edwards and Tim Garland for being willing participants during discussions and commentary. Tandra Langford, your founded PRI science clinical questions added depth to the discussion, Laura Paley and Steven Coppolecchia you were invaluable in assisting our course by serving as examples during lab time.

Finally, thank you Charles in charge Ferruzza, Jared Whitmire and the EXOS team for your time and effort in hosting the course in the "everything's big in Texas" facility. Beautiful!

Thanks again for a great weekend!

Thank you to the warm and gracious Therapydia team of Michelle Cotter PT, DPT, Joe Cicinelli PT, DPT, PRC, Kimberly Parker, PT, Andy Tsui, PT and Sian Smale, PT, and tour guide extraordinaire as well as all who came out to Saint Francis (San Francisco) this past weekend for Pelvis Restoration! What an engaging group of movement scientists I was able to relate with to teach pubosacral statics and dynamics this weekend. We discussed how to use objective tests to identify and establish a position and plan of care for patients requiring inhibition and facilitation to rectify overlengthened or overshortened components of polyarticular chains of muscle affecting pelvis position. Thanks Joe Cicinelli, PT, DPT, PRC for the engaging questions and lab assist during the course as well as great conversation during and after, thanks Gabe Metzger, PT for keeping the lid on the cranium after soaking this stuff up. Great, well-rounded group of newbies, "couplers" and a few seasoned vets filling in gaps. My hero of the weekend was Grace Lucuab, DPT for bringing her Hesch Institute articulating mini-pelvis into the fold, as this instructor has looked high and low for an option like this one to offer to participants in the future! Sweet! Thanks Nhon Lam, DC, was a steady contributor with excellent discussion topics, Khan Vy, CSCS for your straight-forward pragmatism, and Scott Williams, PT, for being ready to throw down and integrate Pelvis immediately after returning to clinic! So many more in a great group of contributors, thanks to each of you! We laughed a bit as we learned 'dead people move differently,' the value of taking the stick out of the spokes (inhibit) before starting to ride, and that reading is optional! Thank you San Francisco for the journey this weekend, you left an indelible mark on your instructor.

Posted February 15, 2017 at 8:46PM

Last weekend I had the pleasure of teaching Pelvis Restoration to an engaged group of movement scientists from a wide variety of settings who converged in Bethesda to enjoy a weekend of learning about the dynamics of pelvis movement, function and performance. Many thanks to Haim Hechtmann for keeping an eye out to ensure that Point Performance was up and running, to Alison Haynes and Daniel Rodrigues for their diligence with the behind the scenes action of host site duties and to Louise Kelley for being a gracious host coordinator to us all amidst her daughter's state championship field hockey weekend! Great host, great field hockey fan and great mom as well!

This instructor enjoyed the intense attention and energy paid by first PRI course attendees including Jill Tender, Sebi Varghese, James Murphy, Nicholas Deacon, Stephanie Currey among others as well as the highly integrated discussions of pubosacral dynamics initiated by Nicholas Jan, Julie Shein, Zachary Cohen, Eileen Kokosinski and 2016 PRC applicant Joshua Funk. I appreciate the energy, effort and assistance of Clarisse Labor and Nicholas Deacon who provided us with their effort during technique demonstration for management of PEC and the always underlying Left AIC patterned movers as the course progressed. Louise Kelley was her usual subtle, but effective leader in the crowd during discussions and lab demonstrations, enabling a lively group to engage in the learning process to the fullest--thank you again Louise!

As is the case so very often, I leave Point Performance refreshed and excited about the future of the application of the science of PRI. Thank you each for your contribution to this weekend's Pelvis Restoration learning event--what a blast!

Posted November 17, 2016 at 2:56PM

Fresh off of a weekend in Big Sky Country of western Montana! I thoroughly enjoyed the countryside and the crew that assembled to learn about triplanar AF hole control! Thank you gracious hosts Angie Robertson, Dale Koch and St. Peter's Physical Therapy for your efforts to make a great weekend of learning possible. I enjoyed this group of movement scientists, many of whom were new to the arena of PRI, as we discussed acetabulofemoral and femoroacetabular mechanics for neuro patients, high level competitive athletes and industrial athletes alike. We enjoyed a lively discussion about integration of known principles of rehab with PRI paradigm of retraining a system of movement with specific attention to identifying pathologies and applying PRI treatment paradigms to rectify them. Thank you Susan "NC" Fain and Rob "Blue Shirt" Gillespie for keeping the instructor on his toes, thank you Bob Sahli and Meg Zimmer for integrating with the group on multiple fronts. Thanks Lindsey Flint, Aric Thorne-Thomsen, Dale and Patient Paul Mann for helping model demonstration of testing and treatment techniques during lab. Stephen Dobelbower provided the coolest name to say and some great dialogue as well. So many engaging clinicians determined to learn how identify asymmetry, facilitate and integrate--thanks again Montana Myokin crew!

Posted September 23, 2016 at 3:17PM

Well Needham got Ham. I just enjoyed a weekend with a stratified group including Occupational Therapists, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Student Physical Therapists and Strength Coaches all united as movement scientists. We spent time discussing diagnoses that reflect polyarticular chained movement patterns particular to asymmetrical acetabulofemoral joints and how they pertain to performance of athletes of all kinds. We had a thorough discussion of compensatory patterns and pathological tendencies associated with a left AIC patterned individual and developed treatment strategies to amend movement dysfunction findings from objective testing. Thank you @DanTorgersen and your team at Pure Performance Training for the use of your facility and all the accommodations therein--and Dan for your modeling skills. Thank you Tyler Tanaka for teaching us the inhibition strategy of "New Puppy Neutral", thanks Fotios Pantazis for the excellent dialogue throughout the course regarding specific intervention. Samantha Russell again wins the dedicated student award for her long trip from AK, this time even further than Dallas! Stacey Lillios, Emily Mandara, Laura Lapolla and Brandon Mcconaughey-Freeman helped the class by asking a nice variety clinically relevant questions; thanks @JasonDBryne for showing up to DO WORK in the arena of myokinematics and keeping the discussion humorous. Though @JoshO_PRC was not present, there was amazing hair represented by @MUSCLE5Marinara, Pure Performance's own Michale Campanella. And, while also not present, thanks @mjmatc Michael Mullin who has helped further interest in PRI in the greater Northeast as much as anyone. Thanks Ian Funk for thoughtful contribution on PR principles and for having a sweet last name. Thanks Callie Effland, Lucia Sloan and Ricky Sirois for aiding learning by volunteering for lab demonstration. Lastly, thanks to the Needham hub who served as lab assistant, Donna Behr from Donna Behr Physical Therapy who is a good friend, great host and will soon be the featured interview here on the PRI website! Thoroughly enjoyed my time with some wicked smart movement scientists in the northeast!

Posted August 30, 2016 at 7:00PM

Last weekend I was welcomed in to the Herbert L. Cushing Coliseum by Scott Unruh and Kathy Denning at the Athletic Training Lab. I enjoyed learning about the history and future of athletic education in at UNK as well as working with an enthusiastic group of learners engaged in the science of Pelvis Restoration.

We had an engaged discussion regarding pelvis inhibition as it relates to integration of lower extremities as it relates to a thoracic cage and discussed some key principles of speeding a pelvis treatment paradigm with the consistent use of PRI objective testing. It was my pleasure to meet Stuart Nichols, ATC, a long time friend of our science and helpful agent during the class--we all felt safer with our friendly bouncer on hand! Scott Woodward, PT, ATC and Julie Woodward, PT (day one favorite shirt) along with Jena Christo, PTA and 'young Michelle' Brabec, PTA were among the motivated learners first introduced to the science of PRI last weekend.

Thoughtful questions and spirited involvement was prominent throughout the course. Thank you 'experienced Michelle' Spicka, DPT for your contributions and clinically relevant information about the populations you see. Gail McCorkindale, PT, DPT, ATC and Aaron Wenburg DPT, SCS, CSCS were front row clinicians who brought their A-game to the Pelvis Restoration plate this weekend. Great appreciation for Michael Short, DPT from Ortho Advantage in Dayton, OH for making the trek to Nebraska after learning about PRI in search of treatment techniques on the mystical intertron! Great to meet you and enjoyed your sense of humor throughout the course. Christopher Steege, PT was a champion of attention to detail of each quadrant of facilitation and a fine trivia aficionado in addition! Jed Mazion, SPT, CSCS and Rob Lynde, DPT provided important feedback with integrated thought and kept the speaker on his toes!

Thank you "lights out Wendy" Rickard, DPT for your help and again Scott "inverse truth" Unruh and Kathy Denning for being such gracious hosts! Pelvis Restoration at UNK with this crew was a blast--hope to see each of you down the line!

Quick shout out to the Holiday Inn on 2nd Avenue--fastest indoor waterslide I've been down!

Thank you Jason Robey MS, LAT, ATC, PRT and the University of Miami for hosting Pelvis Restoration last weekend at the Bank United Center.  A good mix of ATC, PT, CMT, DC, and strength coach populations were present for our discussion of the power generated when we properly position and operate a pelvis. 

There were great questions and lively discussions about the role an inlet and outlet of the pelvis has with regard to integrating lower extremities with an appropriately positioned thorax. We discussed how to understand clinically relevant interventions for athletes of all ages and capacities as well as how a thoracic and pelvic diaphragm positioned with appropriate inhibitory techniques is paramount for purposeful movement in and out of the arenas of competitive sport.

Thanks again for being an engaging group, and thanks again Jason for your help making this past weekend a Pelvis Restoration learning success! 

Many thanks to Lori Strobl, Shawn Van Decker and the Bon Secours Physical Therapy department for allowing us to use their gorgeous facility where we enjoyed a beautiful weekend learning the science of Pelvis Restoration. We learned about four quadrants of the inlet and the outlet of the pelvis, how to use our objective tests to engage in an efficient inhibition and facilitation treatment algorithm for the pelvis. I enjoyed the discussion about teaching clients how to go beyond neutral into frontal plane control of a pelvis stance and bounce between left and right stance. From new PRI folks to seasoned vets of the PRI paradigm, we had a good dialogue and a first rate course attendance. Virginia truly is for lovers--what a loving group that made this weekend a joy to be a part of!  Thanks again to each! 

Posted March 3, 2016 at 4:22PM
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I just returned from our largest state, where I thoroughly enjoyed my time with a group of energetic learners.  Joy, Katie and Tracey at The Physical Therapy Place were tremendous hosts on all fronts!  This class had a great discussion about integration of femurs and a thorax by way of establishing frontal plane control of the inlet and outlet of the pelvis for our clients in various settings.  Control the pillars, inhibition tools plus integration atop said inhibition were a couple of the topics we enjoyed discussing as part of this course.  There were so many people who I enjoyed the process with this weekend!  Thank you Alaska folks for proving to be a very inviting group of learners for this instructor from the “outside!”  

Posted November 18, 2015 at 4:28PM
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Wrapped up a weekend in Columbus, Ohio the heart of Ohio State University nation to discuss Pelvis Restoration as a part of PRI Nation.  I really enjoyed getting to know this group of clinicians and coaches as we focused on functional application of utilizing this treatment paradigm with their athletes of all ages.  Great questions and discussions from an attentive, group of learners from many walks about ability to bounce, to be able to integrate a pattern with inlet and outlet positions being a key to said integration of a system.  Many thanks to Chris and Brittany for your help with host responsibilities, to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for letting us utilize their massive, gorgeous Sports Med facility and to all the participants who engaged throughout the weekend!  

Posted November 4, 2015 at 8:57PM
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