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IFAST! Indianapolis was the location of Myokinematics where I spent this past weekend. Many people are aware of IFAST and the team of Bill Hartman, Mike Robertson, Ty Terrell, Jae Chung, Lance Goyke and Tony Giuliano. These are good guys with good hearts. This was a weekend of fun and fellowship as well as fantastic learning. Bill Hartman was a fantastic host to a large group of attendees. Many were first timers to PRI and found the course to be a paradigm shift and a "game changer" as one of them put it. I had the best time this past weekend as I got the opportunity to sit and listen to Dan Houglum MSPT, ATC/L, PRC, one of our newest instructors. Dan took the reins and led the class both days and taught them about the power of human asymmetrical movement and how to control pathological compensatory strategies. As always the class was enlightening and informative and if you are planning a foray into the world of PRI then I would suggest this "front door" of entry called Myokinematics.

Posted March 14, 2017 at 2:13PM

This past weekend I was on the road again! Teaching Cervical Revolution and being hosted by Mike Roberts MPT and his gang at Central Mass PT. These folks are the absolute best! Jacqueline Shakar DPT, Beth Reinach MSPT, Emily Mandara DPT, Laura Kidman MSPT, Dan Everson PTA and Michael Cumen DPT were all just fantastic and made all of us feel welcome. I also want to thank Anita Furbush PT, PRC and Donna Behr DPT, PRC for being such excellent lab assistants. Donna is an excellent clinician and I relied on her and Anita a great deal. I can see why Donna's new practice is thriving. Shelly DeRuiter PT, PRC was also on hand and she is such a wonderful asset to have in a class. Shelly, it was good to see you. I had two of my previous employees from my old clinic "The Cantrell Center" Cindy Rice PTA, PRC and Jamie Jaros Lochner DPT, PRC. You two are truly skilled clinicians. All 33 attendees were on hand to learn of the powerful influence of the temporal mandibular cervical chain. This polyarticular chain of muscle has such a profound influence on the neck... and teeth have a profound influence on the TMCC. How do we know when to start a dental plan? How do we work with a dentist? How do we know which oral appliance to use? These questions, and more, are broached and the reviews of this class are good. I think Ron Hruska hit a home run with the manual and the class. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Posted March 9, 2017 at 4:49PM

Last weekend I got to spend some time in Colorado teaching Impingement and Instability. Once again, Rebound Sports and Physical Therapy hosted PRI. These guys continue to be a beacon in Colorado, leading the way with this cutting edge science. Julie Vuxinic-Martin MSPT was the consummate host and she made us all feel right at home. My buddies Michael Locasto CSCS and Chris Schepel ATC from the Arizona Diamondbacks were on hand and represented well. There were several PRC's on hand as well: Craig Depperschmidt DPT, PRC, Joy Backstrum PT, PRC, Moon Hemeyer DPT, PRC and Lisa Kelly PT, PRC. Thanks for coming and thanks for your kind words. Lisa, thanks for the lift! This class, for those who haven't taken it, is a very different PRI exploration. We move forward beyond the standard algorithms noted in the basic courses and we explore concept-driven treatment plans that provide concrete ways to treat that next layer of difficult patients. Think management of "planes of movement" and "neurological reference centers". Everyone seems to be really glad they took the course after the two days is completed. It's a great advanced course that gives you a chance for real interaction and great back and forth dialogue and we had a blast! On a side note: Rebound in Loveland is where I taught my first Myokin solo class 11 years ago! It was so nice to return.

Posted March 3, 2017 at 3:37PM

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to spend time in Atlanta with two very good friends teaching Postural RespirationLouise Kelly DPT, PRC and James Anderson MPT, PRC.  Wait!  What?  Me and James, together?!?!   As it happened he was in town on Saturday so we got a chance to "co-teach" with Louise who patiently ran the show (in spite of James and me!). Louise is training to be the latest instructor of this class and had a fantastic group of clinicians in front of her.  I want to personally thank Liz Billeter of Sovereign Rehab who was a great host.  She made everyone feel at home and comfortable while we were there. Many new attendees were on hand as were many returning faces.  I saw the whole crew from Austin Physical Therapy.  These folks are gurus of PRI and these guys rock with Titleist Performance Institute.   What a pleasure it was to see Samantha Red DPT leading her group from Georgialina Physical Therapy into this class.  I suspect that Samantha, my old student, will soon be a PRC if she gets her way!!  Aaron Knott and Patrick O’Shea were also on hand and these guys are really killing PRI and are soon going to wind up as PRC's as well.  Sara Patterson (soon-to-be dentist?) flew out from San Francisco to be with us and we are really watching her grow in the science.  I also enjoyed seeing Peter Lazarnick DC leading the chiropractic contingent.  This is Peter's second course and he is really enjoying the science.  I could go on and on Leigh Harris, Jeremy Stone, Polina Wilson, you guys are tops!  And Amanda Orsley PTA is one of the smartest PTA's I know!  Watch her!   Anyway, this class was special and tight!  We learned a lot about the role of the diaphragm and its influence on gait and mobility and if you are considering going to this class, I would highly recommend it!  I look forward to seeing you there!

Posted February 14, 2017 at 7:46PM

On January 28-29 I was in Seattle, Washington to teach Cervical Revolution. We had multiple disciplines represented including four very fine dentists: Owen Mandanas DDS, Jason Pehling DDS, Steve Wan DDS and Kent Moberly DDS. I want to take a minute and thank my lab assistants Erin Rajca DPT, PRC and Betsy Baker-Bold PT, OCS, CMPT, PRC. Betsy took the point on host site coordination and made the whole experience easy for me! The group over all was full of experienced clinicians with multiple PRI courses under their collective belts and I was honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to be there as a speaker for these seasoned clinicians. If you haven't taken Cervical Revolution yet, please don't put it off! Get registered. This class really helped me put things together for my patients and it answers a lot of questions. Consider Impingement and Instability as another great course that will help you in your quest. If you are intimidated by the course then I would want you to know that, thanks to Ron Hruska, much of the confusion has been sorted out and many are telling me nowadays that it is very understandable! So get registered and I hope I get to see you in the class very soon!!!

Posted February 1, 2017 at 4:50PM

On January 14-15 I had the opportunity to teach Myominematics in Atlanta, GA. This time however, things were a little bit different. First of all I want to thank Andrew Hauser ATC, CSCS, PRT and the rest of the Atlanta Braves staff for hosting the course and that, by itself, is an exciting validation of this exciting science! Secondly, I want to mention the true reason for this course being different: Dan Houglum MSPT, ATC, PRC. Dan is one of our newest course instructors for Myokinematics and he spent his weekend teaching most of the course. The class went very well and Dan did a great job! He was given great and useful feedback from the participants and I think Dan will be crushing Myokinematics in the upcoming courses that he is slated to teach! Finally, I want to say thank you to all of the course participants and I am always excited to see courses finally breaking into the peach state!

Posted January 23, 2017 at 5:54PM

This past weekend I traveled to San Francisco to present the Cervical Revolution course. This class is the one that everybody wants, but is a bit hesitant to actually take! On the one hand we have a course that discusses, in part, dentistry and on the other hand the cervical spine (hence the name). The most fascinating part of this class is realizing the vast compilation of disciplines that are actually melded into the manual. It is indeed a work of art and utterly impossible to completely explore in a weekend. I am certain that some of the faces I saw this weekend I will see again as they continue to hone their skills with this complex subject. Special thanks to Sydney James and her clinic TherapydiaSF who were such wonderful hosts and just kind souls who really rolled out the red carpet the entire weekend. If you have been planning on taking this course, I would pencil it into your 2017 schedule because you will definitely improve your skills with patients after taking this awesome class.

Posted November 8, 2016 at 7:18PM

Summit Orthopedics has a palatial sports complex. They hosted Impingement and Instability and we dove into an explanation of the reasons why humans choose to impinge and hurt. Yes...choose! Neurological reference centers were the main topic of conversation and how understanding these "RC's" can help a practitioner eliminate symptoms in minutes. Additionally we learned about precisely why tennis elbow is so problematic and how to manage it with rotator cuff management. Don't miss this incredible class when you begin the journey into the second tier of PRI courses.

Posted October 13, 2016 at 3:09PM

It was a joy to once again travel to St Lukes. This time however it was different. The class was Cervical Revolution and the attendees were on hand to learn about the amazing "super computer" called the cervical spine and cranium. We went over, in detail how the mandible and the neck are related, how the neck is the controlling factor for cranial strains. This led us to the reasons why individuals have neck pain and headaches. Finally we got into integration with the dental profession, splint discussions and detailed management with dentists. Now we have a better idea WHEN to call the dentist! If you have had any thoughts about attending this amazing class I would encourage you to do it as soon as you can! Especially if you are a dentist!

Posted October 10, 2016 at 4:52PM
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Lincoln, Nebraska!! I came back to PRI Central to teach Myokinematic Restoration at the incredible new facility that is a marvel of architecture. With directors Jen Platt and Ron Hruska helping with my labs and Dan Houglum learning the ropes as a potential new instructor we took off on an exploratory venture of the Anterior Interior Chain! The group of attendees came from as far away as Tokyo, Japan and the experience was great!! The room was packed and the questions stacked. This was a third round with the new and improved version of Myokin and the feedback on the new format was excellent. Hold your breath because this one will finally make the concepts a bit easier to digest!!

Posted August 23, 2016 at 8:05PM
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